Portrait of Philip Kehela

Philip Kehela

Job title: Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Department: Senior Management


mokebo GmbH

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Über Mich 

Philip Kehela (born on 08.07.1991 in Marl) is a co-founder of mokebo. In the company he is responsible for sales, communication and finance. In April 2018, he founded the Köln-based mokebo GmbH together with his best friend Moritz Messinger. Previously, the studied Ökonom six years for Amazon, among other things as a product manager tätig. 

Für the family man actually everything went according to plan: At Amazon, he works after his entry as a dual student quickly up and built the Amazon Market Place as an account manager with. This was followed by further positions at Amazon Music and in Silicon Valley. But despite a secure position in the global corporation, Philip Kehela was always clear: He wanted to set up his own business together with his best friend Moritz Messinger and improve a market segment of möbel with fresh approaches from e-commerce: In 2018, the two ventured together into independence and founded the möbel brand mokebo, which is sold via their own webshop as well as platforms with a wide reach such as otto.de or amazon is distributed.

Über mokebo:

mokebo is an online Möbelmarke from Köln, founded by Moritz Messinger and Philip Kehela in 2018, which allows a functional and conscious furnishing for every budget and all life situations. mokebo offers furniture and home accessories from selected European manufacturers and sells them via its own online store and via the wide-reaching online platforms of Amazon and Otto. The start-up has been built up in a bootstrapped process, is profitable and employs around 14 people at the Köln site and remotely.

More info at: https://mokebo.de