Portrait of Frants Seer

Frants Seer

Job title: Business Owner, Designer

Department: Senior Management


Khis OÜ

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Everything about ourselves is in constant movement, whatever efforts we make to stop the time and capture the essence. Some traditions have to be kept and nourished - bathtub made of fine wood; and some - have to be started by ourselves.

With KHIS, you can start your own tradition of quality time, gliding through waves of fullness.

KHIS bathtub is assembled by hand, every project individually, from hand-cut and hand-nished ashen parts.
Every detail is unique in its’ measures, making each KHIS bathtub engineering achievement.

Color of KHIS bathtub is dark brown, almost black - due to the thermal processing of the wood at 215°C. Apart of elegant appeal, it gives the wood extraordinary water-resistance and durability. As with all products designed for indulgence, postprocessing is vital part of the process - KHIS bathtubs have eco-friendly post- processing, either by natural linen seed oil or hot waxing. KHIS is available in 3 different models, with 3 different finishing lines. 

Combination of materials, design and technology can make simply good things great. KHIS bathtubs use rubber seals to connect hand-cut wooden parts, made of Nordic ash - the combination that’s made to last, providing durability and aesthetic appeal.