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Melanie Hemmelmeyer

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Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten GmbH

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Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten

Wittmann creates treasured pieces:
They are the product of an uncompromising approach to craft and design – two elements that have been uniquely cultivated by Wittmann
right from the very start. Wittmann is adept at setting trends, creating milestones in the history of furniture.


Quality & Care

Unmatched craftsmanship, as well as meticulous selection and working of fine materials, provide the basis for executing new ideas and forms. To bring them
to life, Wittmann regularly partners with the greatest names of their time. And it is not uncommon for long-term cooperations to be the outcome: collaborators including
Johannes Spalt, Jean Nouvel, Matteo Thun and Paolo Piva set the direction that Jaime Hayon, Sebastian Herkner and Luca Nichetto have now seamlessly picked up on, taking it into a new era.

Many designs pay tribute in numerous different ways to the legacy of the great designer Josef Hoffmann, whose trailblazing pieces Wittmann continues to offer as re-editions to this day and which remain at the heart of the Wittmann collection.
Flexible and solution-driven like virtually no other company, Wittmann not only produces stand-alone pieces and ensembles for high-end public and private interiors, it is also in demand as a partner for bespoke commissions, wherever exclusivity and unparalleled craftsmanship are paramount.


Tradition & History

Since its formation as a saddlery in 1896, the company has always been a family affair, and production takes place exclusively at the headquarters in Etsdorf, Lower Austria.
Wittmann really started to make a name for itself as an internationally respected manufacturer of upholstered furnishings in the 1950s. Chairs, sofas, beds and mattresses are still handmade to the same exacting standards to this day, drawing on unique expertise that is handed down from one generation to the next. This commitment to tradition and craftsmanship provides the foundation for the company’s future.

Wittmann employs 120 people. Each year, around 15,000 high-quality handcrafted items of furniture leave its workshops. Exports account for 70% of sales, and Wittmann furniture is on sale in more than 50 countries. Alongside Europe, the USA and Australia, it has long since moved into new markets including China, Korea and Taiwan. Wittmann has flagship stores in Vienna, Hamburg and Seon in Switzerland.

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