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The FT-81 transfer system is a fully automatic, compact unit with a straightforward design that manu-factures high-quality, completely finished Bonnell innerspring units.


In four processing steps, the wire, which is fed from the swift, is processed to a spring. After the coiling process, the springs are placed into a starshaped, 6-arm transport wheel and are gradually advanced to the next step. On the front side, the spring ends are knotted into end rings and then heat-treated between two electrodes. This heating relieves the wire from the stress of the coiling process and therefore reduces the setting loss.


The finished springs are picked up by a turning arm and the knots turn to the correct position. The springs are finally moved vertically into the conveyor channel and are gradually advanced. The feed rate corresponds to the spring spacing within the spring unit. During transport, the springs are turned from the horizontal to the vertical position.


After the programmed unit width has been reached, i.e., the required number of springs has been loaded, the row will be pushed by a loading slider into the jaws of the assembly machine. Using a helical feeder on the left side, one row after the other is tied into an innerspring unit. The innerspring unit ejection on the operator side allows for optimal handling by the operator.

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