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Brdr. Krüger

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The round, wooden Tray Table on wheels, was designed in 1963, by Danish architect Hans Bølling and is an established part of modernist Danish design, considered “the original tray table”.

Each side of the trays has a different color and can at any time be flipped over to add color variation and personality. The two trays rest on a wooden H-frame, which can be folded flat and reopened without the use of tools.

The table is available in 6 different sorts of wood, and black or white painted.

The trays are available in 6 different color options, your choice of combination.

The Bølling Table is clean and honest, blending utility with personality in a smart design.

The first edition was in Oak with red/black trays, and since then, more color variations has been added.

The base plate is in industry standard, durable, compact laminate.

The table is shipped in a flat-pack box and is ready for use.

Additionally, the wider and lower version “Model 60” (Ø60 cm. H52 cm) provides the added benefit of a nested group of tables, as the tables can slide together, to form i.e. sofa tables.

Like every Brdr. Krüger product, the Bølling Table is proudly Made in Denmark.

Ø 50 cm. Height 55 cm

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