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The ScreenCut is a highly dynamic cutting machine for fabric rolls up to 2.000mm / 3.500mm.

Your benefits with ScreenCut ultrasonic cutting 

  • Easy and fast machine and control operation
  • High cutting speed up to 1,2 m/sec
  • High productivity as length cut is processed during material transport
  • No recutting of the processed covers necessary
  • Edge sealing during the cutting process avoids material fraying.
  • Fast and wrinkle-less winding of the covers by integrated winding device during the fabric transport
  • Automatic measuring of the fabric width
  • High service life of the ultrasonic tools reduces downtime compared to conventional cutting tools
  • Low power requirement by ultrasonics and low compressed air consumption (no vacuum table necessary)
  • The ScreenCut works quietly and without emissions. An exhaust is not necessary
  • Operation of the cutting line by one person possible.
  • Client order data can be read in and processed over a defined interface to the ScreenCut therefore no additional manual input.
  • Order data input via barcode reader available
  • Networking with Jentschmann valance cutting machine Punchy™ available
  • Standard software “awning cutting manager” for automatic calculation of the cutting dimensions with numerous options based on awning widths and lengths, seam dimensions, design rapport and desired side stripe width.
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