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Lambswool & Celliant is designed to work together by recycling the heat emitted from human body. First shearing Lambswool is pure Virgin Wool obtained from lambs under the age of six/eight months. It is very thin and soft, it retains heat and absorbs more dampness than wool from adult animals. Moreover, Lambswool is more corrugated and it contains more air pockets. Its fibers are thinner and, given the same weight, the product contains more filaments. This characteristic gives the fiber a greater thermal power. Celliant fiber has been proven in clinical test to increase oxygen levels and help balance body temperature. Most other textiles either trap or vent body heat. Celliant technology goes beyond - turning wasted energy into useable energy. The minerals used in the fiber were selected for their thermos-reactive ability to most effectively convert body heat into infrared energy and reflect back to the body - giving the wearer benefits down to their core.

Soft and elastic: the secret of Lambswool & Celliant's softness is its exceptionally fine fibers, which lead to a perfectly wrapping product and the design of the garment has a great recovery capacity with respect to traditional fibers.

Comfortable: Lambswool & Celliant is an active insulation that helps the body staying warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot.

Washable: Our patented Oxy-wash treatment makes the fiber washable without damaging it.

Healthy: Lambswool & Celliant regulates body temperature so that it actually improves wellness.

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