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Lockable storage spaces – whether these be locker cupboards, clothes cupboards or lockers – play an increasingly important role in open-plan office worlds. The more flexibly we work, the more important it becomes to have places where we can keep our personal things safe. A personal locker allows people to organise themselves in modern office concepts – whether these be open space, co-working or co-rental systems. Personal post, sports clothes, a change of shoes, or shopping from the lunch break can all be optimally stored and safely locked away in our lockers.

The fronts of the 'locker' cupboards can be designed according to the customer's requirements. Real wood veneers and painted surfaces from the RAL, NCS and Pantone colour systems are available, in addition to the 14 single-colour and wood grain decors. The doors can be labelled with numbers or custom images. The back panels can also be fabric-covered or fitted with acoustic material. Various locking variants, a letter-box opening, or a charging station for mobile devices are just a few of the possible options.

In combination with seating elements, the locker cupboard becomes a place to retreat to. As a central design element in the room, the lockers can also interact with cloakroom elements to give structure to open-plan offices.

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