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Custom storage configurations can be achieved with Primo Modular elements, which can be combined with each other and with the Primo cabinets and file units. Open cabinets, cabinets with pull-down doors or drawer units allow you to create fully flexible compositions that meet your individual storage needs. Further customization is achieved by inserting coloured modules that allow a play of contrasting colours.


Each storage unit can be arranged by utilizing design details and elements of the unitís construction meant to increase the space avai-lable to the workstation. Through the introduction of pull-up or pull-down doors, open shelves or containers for plants and flowers, wall storage or storage at the centre of the room or at the workplace becomes more pleasant and simultaneously beautifies and adds decor to the work environment.


The complete modular integration of all the Primo elements allows for an efficient division of the work spaces. The combination of the library modules with two drawer units is the ideal and flexible solution for an ade-quate separation of different areas and for a storage which gives transparency and depth to the environments.



Modular unit from Primo 1000 Modular Elements collection, composed by 2 drawers


Recyclable steel

Drawers features

Ball-bearing slides

File drawer capacity load 35 kg


Encassed handle

Key lock

With 2 keys (fixed key + folding key), extractable barrel and master key available


Adjustable H40 gliders

Fixing system

Selective opening system for drawers

For installation of stacked single units, itís recommended to fix the units with wall fischers plugs according to the mounting surface. For installation of back-to-back units in the middle of the room, itís recommended to connect the units with the appropriate screws through the back of the units. Always load units form base upwards


Horizontal and vertical


Plinth, upon request and extra cost

Customized colours available upon request at extra cost

Powder coated

Finishes after hot phospho-degreasing treatment and fixing at 180∞C

Non-toxic zero-emissions paints. Paint thickness: 80 micron

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