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The NewStar NM-D775 PLUS desk mounts are specially designed for curved and ultra wide monitors. The mounts have a reinforced head for curved and ultra wide screens and can carry a higher total capacity of up to 49" and a maximum weight of 18 kg.

NewStar's unique tilt, swivel, and swivel technology (180°/360°) allows the NM-PLUS mounts to adapt to any viewing angle for optimal utilization of the capabilities of an ultra-wideband screen. The mounts have a 180° stop mechanism and are easily height adjustable up to 59 centimeters by means of a gas spring. In addition, the mounts are also adjustable in depth; from 0 to 63 centimetres.

A smart cable management system leads and hides the cables from the holder to the ultrawide-monitor. The NM-D775 PLUS desk stands are ideal for use in offices, on counters and in reception areas.


Available models:



Product details
NewStar Trifold A4 2020_DE - LR.pdf
NewStar Trifold A4 2020_EN - LR.pdf
NeoMounts Trifold A4 2020_DE - LR.pdf
NeoMounts Trifold A4 2020_EN - LR.pdf
NeoMounts Pro Trifold A4 2020_EN - LR.pdf
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