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The GoBright platform offers smart software solutions for desk, room and visitor management that fit together perfectly and are easy to use. Find an available workstation, room or locker via the portal, app, mapping or outlook. Book it in seconds and be assured of a workplace that fits your needs; and find your way through the building with Wayfinding and Mapping. Every action is automatically visible on all parts of the smart platform. As a result, all information is up to date and accurate. The smart (IoT) sensors, which work on movement and body temperature, make our software even more intelligent. The sensors measure the occupancy of meeting rooms and desks in real time. The GoBright platform can integrate with various systems. For example Microsoft 365, Google GSuite, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Outlook and various FMIS systems. As a result, the wishes and possibilities of people, processes, systems and technology connect even better. This makes it interesting for the Facility Manager and IT Manager to work with our Smart Office solutions. Thanks to our platform you get great insights into the use of office spaces, occupancy rates and the flow of people in the building.


- Find an available workplace and book within seconds;

- Check in / out at your workplace;

- Find your own desk / colleague via the App / Mapping;

- Hygiene Desk feature;

- Reserve a locker nearby your desk;

- Automatic height adjustability (pre-set), via Connect;

- Collect data via sensoring and use analysis from the portal.

- Search available meeting room and book within seconds;

- Book catering and other extra services at the same time;

- Control A / V and other functions in your room;

- Report malfunctions via Control;

- Find your room with Wayfinding;

- Collect data via sensoring and use data analysis from the portal.

- Invite and pre-register your visitor, via portal or Outlook Plugin;

- digital self-registration visitors possible;

- text message to host when visitor arrives;

- GDPR proof and multilingual;

- visitor data available to increase internal security or to act in case of emergencies;

- optional: badge printing.

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