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The linea ACTIVIN was developed to satisfy the current requests from the interior design: the interaction between the dyes and the substances in the wood fibers allows unique coloring with highlighting of the wood grain and a very natural effect. The new shades are well-suited for design work, which increasingly favors the use of open-pored oak, considering maintaining a natural touch and making the various spaces simple yet warm and inviting.

The ACTIVIN ensure excellent results and extend the creative possibilities of interior decorators and designers with a strong focus on environmental friendliness and environmental impact. The water-based ACTIVIN takes advantage of the reactivity of the dyes as soon as they come into contact with the tannins contained in wood species such as oak and chestnut. In particular, these dyes give all treated essences a touch of extreme naturalness and personality that can not possibly be achieved with other types of products.

The aesthetic impression of a floor and interior with this treatment creates an almost "three-dimensional" overall picture. Another characteristic of the ACTIVIN is the excellent depth effect in the wood fiber, which ensures a better hold of the paint in the case of bumps or scratches and prevents the original color of the substrate from showing through.

The ACTIVIN dyes also create High quality image of parquet strips, which also with knots in wood form a pleasant and harmonious whole of the floor.


Water-based reactive dyes especially for oak and chestnut

Application both on parquet flooring as well as on the interiors

The interaction with the tannic acid creates unique shades and special effects

highlighting the wood fiber and a very natural look

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