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Color - what actually is color? Strictly speaking, color is a recipe, a list of ingredients.

A colour is chosen from an aesthetic point of view, i.e. you paint a room, a piece of furniture, in order to redesign something.
Good quality and ecology should be a matter of course.
At VIA we attach great importance to high quality - not only aesthetically, but also in terms of the quality of the ingredients. That is why VIA chalk paint is made of particularly good ingredients, and it should be emphasised that VIA paints are open to diffusion. You can find a full declaration here.
The binding agent and the durability of paints are often problematic.
VIA chalk paint has an oil-resin boiling as a binder and is preservative-free. It could also be called natural resin chalk paint or even mineral filled emulsion paint. VIA chalk paint is solvent, plasticizer and biocide free; it does not evaporate.

An emulsion is a cooking of oils and resins, under pressure at 200 °C. For VIA chalk paint we use tree resins.
The high pigmentation provides a great depth and intensity of colour and the paint stands well on the brush or roller. Important when working: always use enough paint on the roller or brush and paint 2 times for dark shades. This is important for sufficient coverage and pigment distribution.
VIA Chalk Paint is a highly opaque paint, suitable for all surfaces and for both walls and furniture.
To find the right shade, we at VIA recommend ordering sample jars and testing them on site.

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