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QUILTRON, Our best machine to integrate design and fashion in the quilted product. A step beyond the durability, design and comfort. Its versatility allows you to work with the maximum thickness of the market and with fine materials as well as the last technical materials. Specially designed for quilting in continuous of closed drawing. It has an automatic feeding system and fabric drag by motorized rollers. Its great agility of movement offers the possibility of: Adjusting the height and bounce of the leg at any moment to quilt a great variety of thicknesses and densities of material: from soft foam and a few millimeters thick to hard materials such as visco, rubber, latex or HR foam with several inches thick Making the cut of the upper thread (needle) and lower (bobbin) automatically at each jump and remove the excess thread hiding the remaining end of each cut. Controlling the mmaintenance operations, adjust and test of sewing heads through a remote control, also having the option to manual sewing.


With the intelligent system of Quiltron:


The machine makes an automatic stop when the bobbin ends.

When the machine stops due to a thread broken or an empty bobbin, the affected head automatically moves to position called ‘parking’ (area for manipulation of the head).

Its ease of maintenance includes:

Integrated refrigeration of the needles

For the lubrication of the head and bobbin the machine uses (according to area and parts) automatic oil spray programmable time intervals, the soaked wick reinforcement for permanent lubrication and through a closed sump.

Technical data:

Quilting fully automated cycle which includes:

Feeding of the materials to quilt.

Holding and tensioning of the materials.

Quilted of the design.

Cut of the finished product.

Extraction of the quilted product.

Repetition of the cycle until achieving the desired production.

Subjection and tensioning of the material transversely by pneumatic clamps.

Programmable system to adjust the fabric tension longitudinally.

Transversal cut of the panel with the desired measure and two longitudinal cuts of the excess of the material (one cut in each side)

Regular and automatic lubrication of the transversal cutter blade (programmable in time and frequency) allowing a faster and quieter cut and less blade wear.

Roling of the finished product to obtain a constant tension and preventing wrinkles in the process of rolling.

Change of electronic measuring system to fit the dimensions of input materials.

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