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The integration of different production units enables us to propose complete solutions, which fulfil the specifications of the equipment and car manufacturers.

Our know-how focuses on 4 major strategic fields :

Technical textiles coming from weaving, knitting or braiding which allow us to offer products from 2 to 3000 mm

- Plastic injection of all kind of products, from a few grams to several kilos (aspect pieces or others), with the possibility to over mould textile or metal

- Metalwork: springs, shaped pieces, laser cutting of tubes and metal sheets, stamping, folding, bending, welding, assembling and painting

- Makings

Non exhaustive examples of products especially dedicated to automotive industry :

- Rear shelf cord

- Holder strap for warning triangle

- Retainer cord for oil can

- Holder strap of jack to electric break crankcase

- Boot floor lifter cord

- Holder strap for spare wheel

- Boot net

- Tubular webbing

- Tightening cord

- Seat and door nets, with metal or plastic frame

- Bottle holder strap

- Seat release strap

- Boot handle

- Wheel hubcap

- Injected car mats

- Armrest

- Injected aspect pieces

- Ventilation shaft

- Airbag cover strap

- Exhaust pipe tensioner

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