DIVI put.on® modular soundproofing & privacy screen (αω=1.00)


Ropimex R. Opel GmbH

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Our sound absorber of the A-class (αω=1.00) for insulating walls or partitioning rooms. Assembled in a flash from individual cubes in two sizes and highly multifunctional in use. Easily installed, converted or dismantled by a single person. As a room divider in open spaces. As a VIP lounge for special occasions. As a beautifully designed eye-catcher at trade fairs and conferences. Or whatever DIVI put.on® is inspiring you to at the moment.

Cubes are made from 100 % polyester acoustic fleece and a 2 mm thick, 100% wool felt. Base units, connectors and cover caps made from aluminium.

The ideal additional product: Wall panels

With DIVI put.on® I pan wall panels, you transform walls into sounds absorber. Harmoniously matched in colour and shape, the wall panels (sound absorption class A) complete your sound protection concept wherever partitions are not sufficient, or can not be installed.

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