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MineralVeneer is a newly developed and homogeneous material for high-quality surface coatings and for interior rooms. It opens up previously unknown design possibilities for kitchen, bathroom and office furniture, retail fixturing or for fitting recreational vehicles and mobile homes. Thus, MineralVeneer is an outstanding alternative for standard smooth plastic surfaces, not least because of its pleasant touch. For their MineralVeneer, Richter akustik & design was awarded the prize “Best of the Best” on the interzum Cologne.

MineralVeneer, constructed on a mineral base, is cement-bound and fiber-reinforced. The homogenous, natural mineral surface has a thickness of only 1.0 mm (0.039”). The porous surface and all natural ingrediants of MineralVeneer regulate the indoor climate. The homogeneously colored layer owns excellent processing features with regard to bonding, the edge execution and the shape cutting with carbide-tipped tools on wood-working machines. Due to the consistency of MineralVeneer, both the surfaces and the edges are consistent in appearance because of the uniformity of the base materials.

With MineralVeneer, we also produce acoustic elements with 320,000 nearly invisible holes per m². The attractivity of the MineralVeneer surface does not get lost by the 0.5 mm perforation. MineralVeneer complies with fire protection class „B-s1-d0“, and as a composite test with the RiBoard® carrier plate, it complies with „A2-s1-d0“ (noncombustible).

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