Description of the services offered by the ambista Free, Advanced, Premium and Superior accounts

  1. Koelnmesse GmbH offers a global online network for the interiors industry into which a user can register a profile – consisting of a company profile, products and a contact partner profile – or have these details entered for him/her, on the condition that he/she is associated with the interiors industry.
  2. The user receives access to the self-service area, where he/she can change and add to the content in his/her profile, create bookmark entries and write to other users.
  3. The following overview outlines the features available for each account type:

    Write messagesxxxx
    Create bookmarksxxxx
    Share by e-mailxxxx
    Share on XING, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebookxxxx
    Product categories71530
    Number of employees, founding yearxxxx
    Search/Offer (marketplace)xxxx
    Products (description, material, colour)
    Product images
    Logo slider (home page)


  4. For each product, users are able to select one category that accurately describes the respective product.
  5. The profile is available in German and English. The company profile, products and contact partner profile will be displayed in the list of results when a search is performed in the respective category. Koelnmesse can include the products in a product alert or newsletter that is sent by e-mail to ambista users and Koelnmesse customers.
  6. Koelnmesse may modify the content of the profile at any time and without the consent of the user in order to optimise the profile. The user also has the opportunity to change the content in the self-service area himself/herself at any time, or to have Koelnmesse make changes on his/her behalf.
  7. For the feature in the business briefing, the user may submit content to Koelnmesse for approval. Koelnmesse reserves the right to change this content and is authorised to provide the service by featuring the profile in the business briefing.
  8. The user may add value to his/her profile using free content. Koelnmesse reserves the right to make changes with regard to the type of free content that may be posted on company profiles and is also authorised to remove this content at a later date or to change the way the content is presented.
  9. Users who receive ambista Advanced as part of a marketing package for a trade fair receive the Advanced account for the period until the next trade fair of the same name. If a user takes part in more than one trade fair, he/she may add 7 additional products and categories in the period in which those trade fairs overlap. If the user books a fair after he has already booked an ambista Advanced or higher, he can add 7 more products until the next fair of the same name.

The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply.