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A bookshelf and boxes, both of unpolished wood, a flexible shelf system made of aluminum, glass or even wood - this is the system that Valcucine Living has designed to make the things of the kitchen, the living area or the home of a home Organizing, organizing and dividing the office.


Wood is the defining material that makes this Living system alive: it gives you a pleasant feeling when touched, you feel the material, it lends liveliness and is able, in a natural and simple way, to create a feeling of warmth and cosiness in the spaces in which it is integrated.              


The bookcase is perfectly freestanding , with open or paneled compartments, with standard modules 360x600, in 3 different widths and as many heights - for maximum planning flexibility.


Practical, functional and stable - the throw L shaped boxes, always made of raw wood, are available in a variety of sizes, with square and rectangular basic shapes. Characteristic is the possibility of an unlimited and free combination that enables creative and intelligent solutions. As small bookshelves and open containers, they can either be flexibly positioned against a wall or placed on shelves or shelf systems.


Among the systems that have been developed to "house In particular, the 100% recyclable shelving system, which is characterized by the formal values ??of lightness and brightness, shows itself in a stable and timeless design. A design that finds its maximum expression in the combination of the high-strength aluminum frame and the glass shelves.


This shelving system is available in a self-supporting, ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted version , offered in various sizes with 3/4/5 modules, in 4 depths and up to a height of 3m, offering a solution for all requirements.


Dimensions: < / p>

Shelving system: B 2571 - 3561 / B 3664 - 4864 / B 4577 - 6077 // H max. 3000 // T 341 | 541 | 661 | 818

Bookshelf module B 360x450 max. B 1350 H 720 | 1080 | 1440 | 1800

Wooden box B 240 | 300 | 600 | 900 / H 240 | 300 | 600 | 900 / T 192 | 300

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