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Emuca, a benchmark in the sector of furniture accessories, Emuca launches an innovating modular system that evolves with time, since it adds a shelvf fixing system that does not require tools. It allows to raise or lower shelves in a simple and easy way. It can be adjustd to wood or glass shelves, to hanger rails, modules or small wardrobes... Its painstaking design is perfect for homes, hotels, stores, offices and more.

The Zero system withstands up to 100 kilos per shelf and is highly resistant. It also reduces assembling time by 6x compared to other modular structures. 

zero tools
zero time
zero difficulty

The Zero system can be used to create 3D structures with aluminium profiles. Since it is a module system, there are endless options to create the composition that best suits you. To install this hook in the profile systems no tools are required, neither are they required for adjusting or positioning it, so it can be adjusted without disassembling any element.

The hook works using a new fixing system that enhances its gripping strength as the weight it supports increases. It can be moved along the profile with a simple manual operation.

In parallel, there is the possibility of joining the profiles to any of the area’s three dimensions, allowing any imaginable structure to be configured.

Product details
  • Color: black
  • Material: Aluminium
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