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The new Rainshower program with GROHE DreamSpray® technology brings fresh shower inspiration to the bathroom. With their combination of pioneering aesthetics and attention-grabbing colors (Chrome with Night-time Gray and Moon White with EcoGreen), the products open up a whole new dimension of showering. The extra-flat body invites interaction with its gentle appearance and instantly creates an emotional connection.

Rainshower Icon is the ultimate stylistic statement, the interface between man and water. This shows that a generous jet does not automatically require a voluminous shower head. The circular jet-former makes the shower head look lighter and offers a large, full jet with reduced water consumption.

Rainshower Solo is the result of extensive consumer research that completely reveals the "rain" water jet clearly puts on the first place on the popularity scale. Solo's water jet is intuitive, honest and focused on bringing out the unique benefits of the patented GROHE Dreamspray® technology. This creates an unprecedented showering experience. The large shower head is easy to maintain thanks to SpeedClean.

Rainshower Eco was created on the basis of the simple insight that "the human body is not round when seen from above". Based on this natural shape, the jet former ensures a uniform and efficient distribution of water. The environmentally conscious consumer can further reduce their water consumption simply by pressing the patented Eco-Button.

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Eco Function (Reduction of Flow Rate)

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