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New Modular Metal Beds
Discover on line furniture buying modular metal beds and furnish your bedroom beautifully and practically! The Swiss furniture company Neue Modular AG, operating in Germany as Neue Modular GmbH with headquarters in Munich, offers eye-catching metal beds with playful details that are the eye-catcher of every bedroom furnishing! As an independent furniture manufacturer, the company has for decades cultivated virtues such as an unconditional culture of quality, safety, reliability, innovation and absolute craftsmanship - values that manifest themselves in every metal bed that leaves the production halls! The confirmation of this corporate philosophy is the label with a high level of customer satisfaction, which is not surprising considering the quality of Modular Metal Beds!

Modular metal beds as a guarantee for romance in the bedroom
A metal bed is a pleasure for all those who value sturdy furniture. Your metal bed - especially if its workmanship proves to be as impeccable as that of the Modular Metal Beds - with its longevity becomes a faithful companion through every night. Considering its durability, it is of course important that your metal bed is also a lasting pleasure in terms of style. The fact that the design of the modular metal beds has been designed with great emphasis on timelessness is obvious at first glance, because their design is classic and skillfully changes between a wealth of detail and simple aesthetics. Sometimes a metal bed has a greater focus on decorations, sometimes the bed has rather clear lines, but all models of the Modular Metal Beds have one thing in common: Each metal bed radiates a romantic flair that makes your bedroom a place of pure joie de vivre and happiness!

Buy new Modular Metal Beds online
You can get your metal bed by either buying your order directly in the online shop of online furniture or by calling our hotline! We supply you within the German mainland free of shipping costs* and reliably, because your metal bed remains over the complete delivery period in the caring hands of our competent employees, who transport the bed in addition with a vehicle from our own fleet of online furniture buy! If you still have doubts as to which of the Modular Metal Beds is best suited to your bedroom, our interior design experts can help you make your decision. In addition, we offer you the option of assembling your bed for you. Simply indicate in the order process that you wish to have your piece of furniture assembled by the expert furniture installers of online furniture so that you do not have to invest time and effort in the furnishing experience that Modular Metal Beds offer! Take advantage of the competent all-round service of buying furniture online and order your metal bed today!


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  • Color: white
  • Material: Metal
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