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Bed for Living

Whether a small single apartment, loft, guest room or teen room - BED for LIVING elegantly combines the living area with the sleeping area. The ideal and elegant combination of a design sofa with a healthy, hygienic sleep system: BICO and SWISS PLUS have developed the BED for LIVING based on this claim. The BED for LIVING is available as a single bed "Singolo", as a double bed "Doppio" and as a "stool".

Sofa bed

The design sofa «BED for LIVING »is often referred to as a bed or a sofa bed because it looks like an elegant chaise longue or a designer couch. Occasionally, sofa beds or sofa beds are as delicately worked out as in the "BED for LIVING".

Ground clearance of the sofa bed

The technology differs from couch to couch, in the "BED for LIVING" is the ground clearance but unique. No mechanisms are visible on the sofa and the «bed in the sofa» is completely hidden. A design sofa in combination with a full bed with BICO mattresses is unique. The sofa is also available as a leather sofa. Combining the sofa with the "Function" stool creates a corner sofa.


The BED for LIVING can be supplied in a variety of fabrics, microfiber and leather become. SWISS PLUS works exclusively with the renowned fabric manufacturer Mario Sirtori from Italy. In addition, new fabrics from "Dedar" and "Osborne & Little" will be shown in the company's own showroom in Zurich on the Werdstrasse. The leather collection is by Dani Leder from Verona.


The BED for LIVING can, in addition to the individual fabric and color choice with other elements to their own taste


BED for LIVING is made in Switzerland. "Made in Switzerland" guarantees quality and longevity. When designing every new product, SWISS PLUS checks the materials in question according to the exact requirements and functions of the individual parts and includes them in the catalog of requirements. In addition to quality, longevity and functional safety are top priorities in this list of requirements. Based on these considerations, BED for LIVING is also equipped with a strong metal frame, which will not suffer any loss of quality over the years. The pull-out rails are specially designed and manufactured by a Swiss specialist for BED for LIVING.

The mattress partner BICO has always been the market leader in the field of top mattresses and therefore the best possible quality partner for SWISS PLUS. "BICO Inside" gives the BED for LIVING unrivaled sleeping and lying comfort.

The BED for LIVING "stool" is transformed into a single bed with slatted frame and comfort foam core mattress , The stool with BICO sleeping comfort fits in the living room, in guest rooms and in the hotel and office area.


single bed: 95 cm x 210 cm

Sleeping height: 33 cm

as stool: 95 cm x 110 cm

Seat height: 45 cm

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