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The company Recytex offers with the brand-name perfectly manufactured and highly effective acoustic products.

Recytex was founded in 1993 and produced originally acoustic- and upholstery-fleeces made of recycled fibers for the automotive industry. Since 2001 Recytex also produces under the brand-name Silentium highly effective noise-dampening sheets for the heat- and sound-insulation of engine-rooms on ships, boats, generators and other machines. The knowledge of non-woven and their noise-dampening properties influenced the development of the products.

Our aim is to produce high-class acoustic solutions with very effective acoustic properties. You as our customer are in the center of our attention. This means that we offer a first on-site  examination of the acoustic problem and a first consulting service before we then together define the needs and develop a perfect solution for you.

Certainly this means that we don’t just offer our standard sizes of our products but we produce any product tailor-made for your needs.

Your benefits:

-  Acoustic products manufactured with highly skills and by using only the best materials

-  High-class design

-  Excellent value for money

- On-site investigation of the acoustic situation and initial consulting service, Customer oriented production (dimensions, fabrics, adapters for tabletops, etc.)

- We also provide the installation, either from ourselves or one of our partner companies

-  Development and production in Viersen, Germany

-  All absorbers are made of 100% polyester and therefore are 100% recyclable

- The absorbing fleeces are tested to the DIN 4102 (B1) or the DIN EN 13501

Product details
  • Material: Polyester
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