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The Hanging Gardens emerged from a desire to integrate the remarkable world of plants and flowers into urban architecture. This has resulted in a distinctive, illuminated botanical landscape in an elaborately produced lighting object made of elegant wood which allows the room to radiate with a different ambience. Each Hanging Gardens object is unique and made with the highest quality standards in mind.


Hanging Gardens is not only a beautiful and long-lasting interior design piece, it is much more. The lighting art objects are created in an environment that is characterised by patience, dedication and attention to detail. Each working step is made with the aim of giving other people pleasure. We place great importance on this approach to work and life.


An overview of the Hanging Gardens:

° Light objects handcrafted in Berlin

° Made of high-quality veneer, without the use of any protected wood

° Three-dimensional plant arrangements

° A specially developed preparation process preserves the colours and shapes of the plants

° Dimmable lighting system

° Each object is a unique, serially numbered copy

° Artist: Holger Hönck 

° Various sizes from 400 x 250 mm 

° Prices from 1,750€ net

° Catalogue raisonné available on request

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Portrait of Holger Hönck
Holger Hönck Senior Management
Hönck Design
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