Hailo TOPdesign L


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The handy pedal waste bin with the curved lid, wide ergonomic foot rail and galvanized inner bin.


The Key Features


Ultimate design and function Overhanging bin liner edges are not a thing of beauty. This is why there is now the Hailo TOPdesign L. With the specially developed bin liner clamping ring system, the edge of the liner remains hidden inside the bin. This just looks so much better! In addition, this waste bin can hold a lot - up to 24 litres. It is therefore also ideal for larger offices or a small family. Nothing left out The large opening angle of the lid ensures that nothing goes amiss. The ergonomic waste disposal height of 66 cm allows particularly easy filling. The lid closes quietly and tightly. Hailo TOPdesign L - comfort is crucial.


Large opening angle of lid with high dimensional stability

Foldable metal carry handle

Galvanized inner bin (24 l) with metal carry handle


Other product advantages


Housing and curved lid made of stainless steel or corrosion-resistant coated sheet steel

Lid seals tightly

Hygienic internal pedal mechanism

Wide base ensures stability




Housing/lid: stainless steel

Inner bin: galvanized

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