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Universal light water mattress


Whether for optimal regeneration, as a youth bed or as a support for children, the existing bedding system is a high-quality, pressure-relieving and hygienic sleeping facility that provides warmth.


Akva Mobile shows impressively, which couch comfort with approximately 60 l filling quantity is possible. On cold foam and latex mattresses, the adjustability of the bed frame is maintained. Akva Mobile adapts to you at all times. If you do not need adjustability, a spring core. Or other mattresses of at least 8 cm in height.


Complete system with (65 W) heating element, liquid mattress with safety foil, soft frame, wipeable covers and support with polyurethane underside.


Reassurance: F2

Size: 90x200 cm

Height: 9 cm

Filling quantity: 60 l

Maximum user weight: 70 kg

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