Waterbed Aquabox Senzano


Wa'core A/S

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Elegant and rigorous design with the same luxurious sleeping comfort - year after year.

Aquabox Senzano unites two prominent worlds of sleeping comfort.

The designed and the mattress height like a box-spring bed combined with the unique sleeping comfort from a Wa'core waterbed.

Mattress height of Aquabox Senzano is 59 cm.

Due to the innovative split system is is very easy to fit your bed sheet.

Aquabox Senzano is available with all our mattress types and can also be configured with an integrated dust blocker and/or an integrated 5cm Visco Topper.

Our Aquabox Senzano comes with an energy-efficient heating and a removable cover top, which is dividable from a bed width 160 cm and up, - so you easily can wash it at home - and keep your bed hygienically clean.

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