30-80 cm window - Wall switch - Open/Stop/Close



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Use an electric window opener to simply gain comfort or instead of a rod/cord system when windows are out of reach.


It can be as helpful for those who are young, fit and able as it can for disabled for elderly people. Simple to use either by wall mounted switch or by remote control.


The electric window opener operates by the "knee joint" principle. This means that the opener is stronger in the fully open and fully closed position than in-between.


This acts as an anti-squeeze safety measure and further ensures

that the window seal is pressed tightly when the window is fully closed.


The minimum pull-push pressure is 8 kg.

The motor runs on 24V DC, with end stops integrated inside the unit.

The opener is possible to integrate in home automation systems.

A three meter wire is included.


Control panel for wall mounting, designed with a simple rocker switch for opening and closing the window.


The rocker switch works with a single push to open or close the window opener. Push the rocker switch and the window will fully open or close, no need to keep the rocker pressed.


When the opener reaches it's fully open or closed position it stops automatically.

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