Klapster - the folding staircase for efficient use of space



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Klapster is an innovative foldable staircase for optimizing usage of space. The steps can be swiveled by 90 degree, whereby Klapster can be folded vertically towards the wall when not needed. Folded up, both stair stringers and the steps are arranged in one plane on the wall, so that the staircase extends out from the wall by only. 3cm. In doing so, Klapster enables to create additional living space.

Klapster offers a diverse set of possible ways to apply it. Wherever space is limited, the foldable staircase provides the optimal solution for using living space efficiently: Loft beds, mezzanines, garages, attics or Tiny Houses - it is always useful to think three-dimensionally and take advantage of room heights for additional space.

Slope and length of the components can vary in depending on the installation situation, so that a tailor-made staircase can be created that fits to the exact requirements of the ceiling height.

For more information please visit www.klapster.de

Product details
  • Color: nature
  • Material: Wood